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What you want to know of the Xbox Kinect?

The Free Kinect is the gaming console that pertains to Microsoft and when it was launched, it was deemed to be one of the most revolutionary consoles to ever be created. When Microsoft first made the announcement that they are working on a new console that will practically be very much different from what the gamers have been used with all this time, everyone was practically amazed of the news and the public became more and more engaged into this console.

Project Natal is what the Xbox Kinect was previously called and what makes it so different when it comes to having it compared with the other consoles out there is that it has a unique way for the player to interact with the games that he or she plays and they will never need to make use of any controllers, for their bodies will be the controllers. So you will just need to move, jump, and dance and so on in order to complete the game.

In order to record the movements, a high quality CCD camera is being use that also employs a very powerful sensor. YAlso, you should know that the camera is very much precise and it will analyze every little move that you make and will translate it as feedback to the game that you are playing. TThese are all details that were mentioned at the E3 conference that was held in Los Angeles where the console has just been launched.

The ones that have also taken part of the launch of this product is Cirque du Soleil and they made sure that the audience has been let in on a show they will never forget. Even though the performance of the group was just of a mere 45 minutes, it took them months to be able to put this show together.

Soon many gamers out there will be able to benefit from Free Blu Ray games that will make them go crazy with all of the fun that they will be let in on. There are also many games that companies have started adapting to the Xbox Kinect and soon, you will not have to be surprised if you will be able to play even Quake 3 arena on the console.

Sony has also released the Play station 3 that has a Blu Ray player and other nice features, but let us face it, there is nothing that compares with the Kinect at the moment and it is superior in all aspects!


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